Liebich 2015 (c) David Lenhard (11)

LIEBICH is an Austrian band founded by singer and songwriter Steffi Fasching and guitar player Georg Krommer in an ordinary living room in Vienna in February 2014. About one year later, the two met bass player Uwe Mondschein, who completed and enriched the band together with drummer Philipp Wolf in March 2015. The band name LIEBICH illustrates the honest and harmonic team play, and stands for the band’s attitude towards music: Tangible, real, and authentic rather than desperately “put on coolness”. The genre ranges from singing and songwriting to pop and rock.

In doing so, LIEBICH creates emotional earworms that get under the skin. The catchy melodies and personally experienced stories underlying the lyrics are thought-provoking and leave nobody untouched; they make you want to sing along. The first pop song with the title „Life is too short” (2014) is dedicated to a close friend of the lead singer, who suffered a tragic death in October 2013. The song deals with the daily inner strife and comes to the conclusion that life is too short for self-imposed fears and unnecessary disputes.

With this motto, LIEBICH set out to win Austrian stages and the hearts of new fans.



Steffi Fasching – vocals

My parents were both musical and have motivated me early on to sing and shout along to nursery rhymes they had composed themselves. When I was 9 years old, I wrote my first song with the title „Nichts auf dieser Welt geschieht ohne Geld“ (Noting in this world happens without money) and accompanied it with my guitar. Songwriting also helped me later on to get through puberty quite reasonably. I have never learned how to read music, even though I took piano, flute, and guitar lessons for many years. When my guitar teacher realized that I could not read music at the time I finished my A-levels, he wanted to quit his job. The melodies and lyrics of my songs constantly develop in my head. I usually send my ideas via bad quality recordings from my mobile phone to all band members with the request to create a musical masterpiece. LIEBICH gives me strength and energy to cope with daily life in a good temper and a positive attitude.


georg-2Georg Krommer – guitar, vocals

I enjoyed a classic musical education in the countryside not far from Vienna. I started with a recorder and subsequently joined the local brass band. When my parents banished me to the basement to practice my trumpet, my excitement for music faded away. This changed again after I had discovered Nirvana and found my mother’s old guitar. I taught myself the basic chords and for a little while I thought I was Kurt Cobain’s European twin brother, which obviously turned out to be a delusion. With my first band SeldomX (the meaning of the name was lost right after it was chosen) I played with great success for several years at all 5 gigs that we performed. As for now: With LIEBICH and a Taylor guitar I am ready to take off again. I still have to think twice when someone wants me to play a C, but now it sounds better…


uwe-2Uwe Mondschein  – bass

My musical vita could not have started more typically: I learned how to play the recorder in my nursery. Aged 10, I attended music school, where I learned how to play the guitar and discovered my love for this wonderful instrument. Aged 14, I played in my first band. Four years later I started studying classical guitar. I am and have always been a passionate musician (which also explains, why I never get bored of “practicing lines”). Since 2014 I have also discovered my passion for bass guitar, partly due to my two year stay in New Zealand. For me, LIEBICH is family, friends, leisure time, job and love for music.


philip-2Philipp Wolf – drums

I started playing the drums at the age of 4 years at a music school in Lower Austria. The following 22 years were marked by stylistic changes. I was always a “down-to-earth” guy, most certainly influenced by my father’s blues/rock affinity. He as well as many other musicians and friends who inspired me, directed me to jazz and moreover to funk/fusion. Since the completion of my jazz and drums degree, I am a drum teacher at music schools and work as a studio and session drummer. I have always been a fan of beautiful and catchy melodies, which the pop/singer-songwriter genre provides plentifully. I never had my own band in a traditional sense, but I played in several bands and supported many great projects. With my longtime friend and bass player Christopher Schlager I founded the band „Funkorama“, but the kind of music that we played was never meant for a broad audience. Actually, I always envied ambitious hobby bands for their camaraderie and everything around it. With Liebich I feel like being part of a cool teen band. After I had heard the song „Life Is Too Short“ for the first time, it got stuck in my head, so I contacted the band to apply as a drummer. Since March 2015 I am an integral part of LIEBICH and feel at home.